These spells and charms encompass both the positive and negative. Be sure you are prepared to accept any Karmic repercussions that may return to you should you decide to send a negative spell unto another person.

"By aligning your energies with the lunar cycle, and tapping into the the natural tides and currents of life, you will increase the effectiveness and power of your spells. Because the Moon turns the tide and our bodies are mainly composed of water, we wax and wane with the Moon. Generally, psychic energy is highest when the Moon is waxing (becoming full) and weakest when it is waning (diminishing in size)." ...Gillian Kemp

Ten Steps To Create Personal Spells:

1. Consider and Choose Your Purpose, Choose Symbols, and State Your Goals.

2. Find Components To Express Intentions.

3. Cleanse, Bless, and Charge Props, Focals, and Tools.

4. Settle Your Mind and Spirit.

5. Prepare Sacred Space.

6. Cast The Spell.

7. Build The Energy Through Word or Deed.

8. Release The Magick.

9. Ground Yourself.

10. Repeat The Spell, If Needed.


In olden days, a Roman ambassador in a foreign country would draw a circle around himself with his staff to show he should be safe from attack; Babylonians drew circles around the beds of the sick to ward off demons; German Jews in the Middle Ages would draw a circle around the bed of a woman in labor to protect her from evil spirits; the use of the circle is ancient. (Example: Stonehenge)

The dimensions of the circle depend on who is drawing it and for what purpose. In Ceremonial Magick, where the Magician is conjuring entities, the exactness of the circle (and everything within it) is critical. On the other hand: in olden days villagers would draw a rough circle on the ground to give thanks to their gods. Its purpose was merely to designate a hallowed space for the rite.

The Coven Circle is nine feet in diameter; the Individual's Circle is five feet. The drawing of the Circle starts, and finishes, in the East. It is always drawn clockwise, or deosil. It can be drawn with the athame, sword, chalk, paint, or drawn on the Earth, it depends on the intent and situation. On the line of the Circle stand four white candles; one in the North, one in the East, one in the South, and one in the West. Any additional candles for illumination should stand outside the line.

In Wicca, guardians known as Watchtowers are called. These guardians are found in each of the four corners or directions of the circle: East, South, West, and North. They are set there to guard and protect the circle. The first ritual performed is Opening the Circle; also called Casting the Circle, and Erecting the Temple. In this ritual the circle, and all within is properly purified and consecrated.

Entry and Exit: At no time during the working of Magick should the circle be broken. At other times it is possible to leave the Circle and return, but no more than absolutely necessary, and it is done in this manner:

Leaving the Circle: With athame in hand face East and make a motion as though cutting across the line of the Circle, first on your right, then on your left. You may then exit the Circle through this gateway of the East.

Re-Entry: Re-enter the Circle through the same gateway, but "close" it behind you by motioning to reconnect the line, or lines depending on the ritual being performed. To complete this you "seal" the break using the athame and moving the blade to describe a pentagram, kiss the blade and return to your place.

The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse

"A magic circle was cast to purify and create a perimeter of space wherein evil magic could not enter. Goddesses and good spirits were invited into the circle, which sometimes had powerful, protective stones placed at North, South, East, and West points. Each point was associated with the Four Elements. North was the most powerful direction. It represented the element of Earth, the celestial bodies revolving around the North Star, and encompassed all secrets, darkness, and the unknown. South was the element of Fire and therefore associated with the sun. This point signified the meeting of East and West - intuition, insight, reason, and logic - and the channeling of the powers of intellect, clairvoyance, and nature. East was the direction for the element of Air, symbolizing clarity, spiritual awareness, and mysticism. West represented imagination and inspiration, as well as emotions and reason. The circle itself was a mark of infinity and eternity.

A witch would cast a magic circle by turning clockwise, beginning at East, following the revolution of the sun. The magic circle was drawn with either a a magic wand or an athame. A charm or spell was recited as the witch cast the circle, asking the presence of friendly or helpful spirits to attend."

Quoted from "Witches: A Book of Magic and Wisdom"
Painting: "The Magic Circle" by John William Waterhouse

Symbolism by Robin Wood

Copyright © Robin Wood 1997

Bad Luck (To Break):

Go for a walk and pick up seven twigs from the ground, one to represent each day of the week. Traditionally they should be: Monday-Ash, Tuesday-Beech, Wednesday-Elm, Thursday-Oak, Friday-Horse Chestnut, Saturday-Yew, and Sunday-Elder. Take them home, snap them into pieces, and burn them while saying: "Ill luck is broken, As these words are spoken".

Banishing Spells:

Banishing Pentagram

General Uses: Expelling negative energies or spirits. Turning malevolent Magick. Ridding oneself of obsessions, addictions, and phobias. Best worked at Dawn when the Moon is in Aries, Gemini, or Sagittarius. During a Blue Moon, or on dates with special meanings. Focals: colors of red, white, silver, or black, the numbers six and eight, and purifying herbs and scents such as clove, pine, lemon, sage, myrrh, and frankincense. Also...items that can be turned inside out or reversed. Counterclockwise movement.

To Rid your home of a troublesome spirit: Begin by dabbing a bit of cinnamon and fennel oil over your window edges, door tops, heating ducts, or anything else that represents an opening. Trace the oils in the form of a banishing pentagram saying: "No darkness may enter this sacred space; unless welcome by me, spirits leave this place."

Banishing Charm:

To turn negative energy away from you: First gather any combination of the following: eight white dried beans, eight pieces of grain, six peach pits, eight dried chrysanthemum petals, some dill, and a bit of any reflective surface such as a mirror. Place these in a white sachet with a little oil of pennyroyal or cedar. Anoint the pouch while saying: "Turn, turn, turn, any evil back to its source, thrice returned." Keep the sachet with you or in any area that needs protection.

Bind to Prevent Harm:

Take white ribbon or cord and repeatedly wind it around an item belonging to the person you wish to bind. (You can anoint the item with Drive & Bind Oil to increase this) While doing this "wrapping" chant: "I bind you Name of person. I bind you from doing harm to yourself or to others."

Blessing Someone:

Best worked during a Full Moon in Virgo or Pisces. Focals: Anointing oil, numbers of two, fruit bearing seeds. On a bright, sunny day anoint a handful of seeds and take them to an area with rich soil. Hold the seeds tightly near your heart, repeating twice: "As these seeds multiply and grow, so too blessings will be sown. For ( insert name of person ), I release them to the wind, so the Magick can begin!" At the final word of the second repetition, release your seeds, scattering them as you turn clockwise. If possible, take a rake to sow them properly into the soil so the Magick germinates.

Cause An Enemy To Leave:

On a piece of brown paper write your enemy's name nine times and place it into a small jar. Fill the jar with Four Thieves Vinegar and seal it tightly. Go to the nearest river and throw the jar into the river while chanting "I send ( insert name of enemy ) away...Let harm come to none".

If you are seeking something more negative you can read the spellwork at: Lucky Mojo and probably find what you seek.


This spell is best worked when the Moon is in Virgo. Focals: basil, chamomile, ginger, clove, dill, oats, and other herbs of abundance, Tin for luck, the numbers 4, 6, and 13. Cut out the Sunday paper want ads that appeal to you most. Clip four, six, or thirteen of them (making notes or duplicates to use later for your calls). Next, tie these together with a long string. To this bundle attach a silver coin or piece of Tin, then place it across the table from you. Burn a green candle rubbed with ginger and other herbs mentioned here (for energy and prosperity) and visualize getting a call from a prospective employer. As this vision becomes clear in your mind, draw the string and bundle towards you, saying: "My goal is sure, my need is strong, help me find where I belong. To meet my needs, employment I seek, bring me success by the end of the week." When the paper reaches your hand, keep the Tin or coin to carry, then set the paper aflame. This releases the energy before enquiries begin. Success with this spell includes getting call backs, solid leads, and landing interviews.

Employment #2:

Before going to your job interview get a green candle, a banknote, and a paper clip. Light the candle and show both ends of the banknote to the flame. Fasten the note to the back of a photograph of yourself. Blow out the candle. Carry the photo (with banknote attached), in your handbag or wallet during your interview.


Gypsy (Romany): A common curse against fever is to go to a running stream and cast pieces of wood nine times backwards into the running water, repeating the rhyme:

Fever, fever go away from me,

I give it, water, unto thee!

Unto me thou are not dear,

Therefore go away from here

To where they nursed thee,

Where they shelter thee,

Where they love thee,

Mashurdalo sastyar! (help)

Want to Know a Little More About the Gypsies (Romanies)? Click Here


Gypsy (Romany): Take the justice card from a Tarot deck. Light a blue candle and place the Justice Card on the right hand side. Write your name and address on a piece of clean white or green paper and place it to the left of the candle. (Romanies often use their thumbprint instead of their name/address) Light thirteen votive candles, to represent the thirteen cycles of the year, and place them in a circle around the candle and card. Say a chant or prayer asking for protection for you and your family. Write your wish regarding the legal matter on another piece of paper. Sprinkle it with rose oil and burn it in the blue candle's flame. Place the burning paper on a saucer (or cauldron) until it burns to ash. Leave the remaining candles to burn out themselves.

Lottery (Gypsy):

Light one green candle (that's been annointed with Cinnamon or Fast Luck oil) for each number to be selected. (See our Candle Page on how to annoint) Sit quietly and focus on the flames, allowing each flame in turn to suggest a number. Fill in the Lotto form with the numbers that have come to you. Sprinkle the form with Nutmeg and then snuff out the candles. Leave the form dusted with Nutmeg for a day before brushing it off and using it.

Love Spells:

*Personal note: I've only placed these love spells on here due to being deluged with e-mails requesting them. I don't do love spells myself, for I consider it manipulation. How could anyone ever really be happy with someone knowing the situation had been contrived? Love spells should never be manipulative. It is better to use enchantments for two people who are *already involved*, and who wish to increase their feelings toward each other. But here they are anyway...

Gypsy (Romany): Find the footprint of your object of desire. Dig out the Earth that is within its outline and bury it beneath a Willow tree. Chant:

Many Earths on Earth there be,

Whom I love my own shall be,

Grow, grow Willow tree!

Sorrow none unto me!

He (she) the axe, I helve,

He (she) the cock, I the hen,

This, this (be as) I will!

Gypsy#2: Gather a fresh rose and two long burning red candles. Next, find out the time of sunrise the next morning. Just before you go to sleep, place a red candle on either side of the rose. The next morning at sunrise, take the rose outside or sit by an open window facing East, keeping the rose in front of you. Inhale it's perfume and say aloud:

"This red rose is for true love
True love come to me."

Now go back indoors and put the rose in it's original position. Light the candles, and imagine love burning in the heart of the one you long for. Keep the candles lit day and night until the rose fades. (If they are extinguished the incantation will be broken) When the rose is dead, pinch out the candles, and bury the rose.

Wiccan:A couple wishing to improve either their relationship or fertility can plant acorns together. The people involved need to gather one acorn for each letter in their full names. After digging a small hole in the ground, add to the acorns a snippet of each person's hair, a sprig of Vervain, and some Saint John's Wort. Cover and water the site. When the acorns are tended carefully, by the time they sprout love will have grown as well.

Wiccan#2: To bring love to you: Take some Rose petals to a moving water source. Rivers that move away carry energy outward, searching for a response. Those moving toward you draw love inward. When you find an appropriate spot on the river, toss the petals into the water, saying: "As this rose moves out to sea, so true love will come to me." Visualize your ideal mate while repeating the incantation. The water transports the Magick to its target. According to Z. Budapest in "The Grandmother of Time", this spell is more powerful when enacted on Summer Solstice.


A lucky amulet can be made from a found penny, a picture of a sailing ship at port (so your ship will come in), allspice berries, nutmeg, orange rind pieces, and a candlewick that has been burnt. Gather a personally lucky number of these ingredients together and bless them by saying: "Luck be agile, luck be quick, luck burn bright like this candlewick. Each component here I bind, that good fortune will be mine." Wrap these securely in rainbow colored cloth or paper so you can carry the amulet with you in your wallet, pocket, or purse.


Wiccan: This spell uses a Pomander, which is usually a fruit embedded with an herb such as cloves, then hung. Pierce a large navel orange with a needle, making the pattern of a dollar sign. Insert a clove in each of the piercings. Wrap the orange using green, silver, and gold ribbons in between the rows of cloves. At the top make a loop of the three ribbons. Decorate the base with a favored crystal. Bless this little token for improved finances, then hang it in a window to release its scented energy with every breeze. When the aroma of the orange fades (the fruit will shrink as it dries), simply anoint it with essential oils for a refreshed fragrance.

Gypsy (Romany): This spell must be performed at midnight on a waxing moon. Take one green votive candle for each $100 or $1000 that you need. Stand them on a plate you often eat from. At a quarter to midnight, sit in a room with no electric lights. Light a gold, silver, green, or white candle (not one of those used for representing money). This is the candle that will give power to the "money" votives, and will enable you to see what you are doing. Focus on your Magick and envision a circle of gold light to be placed around you for protection, and a circle of blue light for healing. Pick up the votive candle and light it from the main candle flame. As you do so, say that the votive you are lighting represents the $100 or $1000 you need. Place it on the plate to begin a circle of money candles. Light each votive saying the same chant for each until the circle is complete. Focus and visualize that you seek not from greed, but from necessity. Leave the candles to burn out on their own.


Before going into an arbitration, prepare a white sachet bearing two crystals and two peaceful herbs (like Lavender and Basil) for each person who will be present. Charge these bundles for two hours in sunlight to encourage truth, then for two hours by a waning moon to disperse anger.


Spellwork can be incorporated while making a dream pillow in order to drive bad dreams away and encourage peaceful, healthy dreams. Sew two pieces of cloth together (using white and blue fabric with golden thread, if possible). Stuff the pillow with six herbs that ensure sweet dreams. (Anise, Caraway, Mullein, Rosemary, Cedar, Cypress, Hyacinth, Bluebell, Chamomile, Cranberry, or Valerian) The final seam of the pillow should be sewn shut by hand. As you stitch, empower the filling using a chant such as: "Stitched with a thread of gold, peace and joy this pillow holds. Herbs within will bring good dreams, pouring from the pillow seams."

Overcoming An Enemy:

Take a brown candle and write your enemies name three times on it. Place it in a bowl filled with brown sugar. Light the candle and affirm: "Your hostility, I'll overcome. In days of nine, your friendship is mine." Do this before you go to bed. Allow the candle to burn itself out while you sleep. In the morning take what is left of the candle wax and the brown sugar and throw it into your enemies yard. Do this for nine consecutive days without fail.

Prediction (Gypsy):


Sneeze on a'll escape danger

Sneeze on a Tuesday...a kiss from a stranger

Sneeze on a Wednesday...a good news letter

Sneeze on a Thursday...a gift which is better

Sneeze on a will cause sorrow

Sneeze on a'll travel tomorrow

Sneeze on a Sunday...ask God/dess to bless you.

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Keep Karma in Mind

Charms and Ingredients:

Most charms take the form of a small bag, commonly called gris-gris (pronounced gree gree), mojo, nation sack, ouanga, conjure bag, or medicine bag. They are *very* personal items filled with herbs, roots, gems, stones, powders, colored cloth, feathers, bones, luck symbols (such as shark's teeth, buckeye, coins, etc.), and personal items such as hair, nails, or clothing bits. Formulas such as powders and dusts are usually sprinkled where the person will come in contact or pass over them.

The items placed into a charm bag number one, three, five, seven, nine, or thirteen and are never an even number or exceed thirteen. Make sure and reference our gems page, candles (colors), and oils pages to include appropriate ingredients.

The gris-gris is a form of talismanic magick and is usually made through ritual at an altar. I prefer to call my bag a mojo, and I carry it with me always for protection. Choose below your ingredients from the list of mixtures according to intent.

Buckeye Charm for Gamblers:

Take a Buckeye and drill or punch a small hole in it. Carefully fill the hole with liquid Mercury and seal it with a strong sealant such as super glue. (some use wax as a seal, but consider the toxicity of Mercury and make sure it cannot leak out). Carry it concealed in a Charm or Mojo bag while gambling. Mercury is the god of games of chance, and it is he you are calling upon for luck.

Court Case Sachet:

For use in court cases and legal matters.

Galangal root (Low John), yellow dock, carnation, snake root, bergamont, calendula, Just Judge oil, protection nail (see below). Place into a small cloth sachet (preferably purple or white) and carry.

Gold Dust:

Used for luck in gambling and games of chance.

Powdered sandalwood, five fingered grass (cinquefoil), buckeye, lodestone, cinnamon, myrrh oil, frankincense oil.

Goofer Dust:

Contact me personally. We need to discuss the Rede.


Sandalwood, red rose petals, cinnamon, sweet basil, myrtle, frankincense oil, spikenard oil, voliets.

Money Drawing:

Mistletoe, buckeye, red clover, High John root, rattlesnake root, cinnamon, five finger grass (cinquefoil), yellow dock, patchouli oil, myrrh oil, dragon's blood.

Protection Nail:

This is an involved ritual producing a talisman for driving away harm and evil.

Find an *iron* nail that is red-rusted with time, the older the better. You'll also need a small, flat stone and an iron hammer. During the beginning of the first quarter Moon (New Moon), on a dark night, set the nail upon the stone. Strike the nail three times with the hammer, saying at each stroke:

"Clavus ferreus
Malleus ferreus
Ferreum ferreus
Ferreum nobilis"

Score the stone three times across using the nail's point. Next, take the stone away and bury it in the Earth far from your home. The nail may now be carried as a protection talisman.

UnCrossing Powder:

To protect from or remove a crossed condition (jinx, hex, etc.).

Sandalwood, devil's shoe strings, five finger grass (cinquefoil), frankincense, sulfur, rue, myrrh, cinquefoil, cayenne pepper, black pepper, bergamont, musk, patchouli, rose geranium, anise seed, hyssop, salt, and talc as a binder.

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The Book of Spells by Nicola de Pulford

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The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies, & Magic by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler

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