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Witches Hollow by Charles Folkard

Hi there, I'm glad you decided to read further. :o) Many people who come here have various misconceptions as to exactly what our life path consists of. What we call a life path many call religion. How do we conduct ourselves? We believe everyone has the right to worship the path that feels right to them. We try not to judge others, whether we understand them or not, and we wish not to be judged. LadyDragon is Wiccan and lives by the Rede and believes in doing no harm. I will practice HooDoo if pushed to it (for protection and control). I do not believe in Satan, so the religious right wingers are off base when they accuse me of worshipping him/it. We both strongly believe in what you send out to others shall come back to you multiplied "in kind". That means send out good, and good comes back multiplied...send out evil and evil returns multiplied. The same concepts can be found in various other religious books such as The Bible, The Torah, and The Koran. We have our own book...

Many followers of the craft keep a personal book to contain what they have learned, their dreams, aspirations, teachings, spells, herbs, and such. We call this book a "Book of Shadows" or "Grimoire". Some such as myself use ancient alphabets (Theban, Malachim) in order to keep our writings private.

We are not evil people seeking to influence anyone. This site was started as a learning tool for those who have already started on their path. Kindness is a virtue not practiced enough in these, our times.

Unfortunately, I have been personally attacked and judged by some who consider themselves the "religious right", and all I could think of was, "doesn't your holy book teach judge not?" These attitudes are the reason I felt this page necessary. I hope this opened a little understanding between us. May your path always be blessed with love and light!

Fight the Fear Campaign (Let everyone know you will NOT stand for religious intolerance!)

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